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Soudronic is a leading manufacturer of welder for metal packaging industry. The company was founded in 1953, Soudronic’s headquarters is located in Bergdietikon near Zurich, Switzerland. Soudronic focuses on the manufacturing of canbody and drum welders, bodyformers and endmaking systems.


Today, the company employs staff of around 600 people in its development and production facilities throughout the world. The company's sales and service network covers more than 120 countries, reflecting a large and globally spread customer base. Highest engineering standard, long-lasting quality and maximum system efficiency are the basis of Soudronic’s outstanding reputation around the world. 





Welder (SOUCAN)

The canbody welder is at the heart of any three-piece can production line. It forms the body blanks into their basic shape and welds the seam overlap. Soudronic’s SOUCAN welder series is the leader in the market. Its superwima welding principle requires only a minimal overlap of a few tenths of a millimeter. Optimum control of the welding current combined with precision-matched pressure on the overlap guarantees a mashed seam of only 1.4 times the thickness of the sheet metal.


Side Seam Protection 

After welding, the next step in the manufacture of a quality can is the application of a durable protective layer to the inner and outer seams to eliminate rusting at welded seams.


Soudronic supplies fully automated powder-coating or wet-lacquering systems for inner seams and for the lacquering of outer seam under SOUCOAT series.


Curing System (SOUCURE)

To harden the seam protective layer, heat treatment is required. After application of lacquer or powder protective layer, the canbody undergoes curing system. Soudronic supplies an advanced gas or induction modular heating system with automatic temperature regulation, speed-adjustable conveyor belt and integrated fume extraction device.  


Can and End Press  (UNIPRESS)

The UNIPRESS or UNIPRESS/UNIPRESS-RPT multi-die press line is used in the production of round and non-round shells and deep-drawn cans. The sheet feed multi-die press is capable of stamping and forming up to eight cans in a single stroke.


Peel Off End System (UNISEAL)

The UNISEAL HSS automatic thermo-sealing machine is used to produce peel-off ends. It includes a ring-forming module which can produce either composite film or aluminum foil sealed ends. The machine allows a production speed of up to 200 ends per minute at each of the one to three lanes.


Leak Tester (TEST-O-MAT)

The TEST-O-MAT is a pressure decay leakage tester for three-piece cans with double-seamed bottoms. It handles production speed up to 1200 cpm and is suitable for all common can sizes diameters 52–99 mm, heights 35–135 mm.  The use of compressed air as a testing medium ensures that every part of the can, including the double seam, is tested.

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