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RDM Test Equipment offers quality testing solutions for packaging and material testing. Located in United Kingdom, RDM Test Equipment has over 30 years’ experience, with more than 100 testing instruments for packaging, polymers, pulp, paper, board, textiles, rubber and foam. Their products are used in many industries from food and beverage to medical and pharmaceutical, printing and coating and electronics.



Friction Tester

It is important to measure and control Coefficient of Friction of the flexible films, paper or board. The processing of these materials largely depends on the applied coating of ‘SLIP’ additives, for example, ink on the material which could affect the flow of material in production of tubes or pouches.


Heat Sealer

RDM’s Heat Sealers offer an accurate determination of Heat Sealability with precise control of jaw temperature, pressure and time to find an optimal balance of material specification, packaging machine speed and seal integrity. Setting these variables incorrectly in production is a costly business in immediate waste, spoilage and customer returns. It is vital to regularly check the heat sealing characteristic of flexible films, foils, coated papers and non-wovens.


Hot Tack Tester

Hot Tack Tester measures the strength of hot seals used in vertical (VFFS) and horizontal (HFFS) form-fill operations. Heat seals are often subjected to forces whilst still hot. If the hot seals are unable to resist these forces then unsealed areas or holes can occur on the packages. RDM’s Hot Tack Tester allows precise control of sealing process variables, temperature, pressure and time.


More Products

There are many more products from RDM Test Equipment. More information can be found on RDM Test Equipment website

Example of products are:

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