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DRT Mfg. Co. specializes in the design and manufacture of high-speed end conversion systems, spare parts and tooling for beer, beverage and food industries.  With the recent acquisition of Ohio Tool & Jig Grind, DRT has further solidified its position in the market as the largest supplier of end-conversion and shell parts and tooling by adding the capacity and expertise of Ohio Tool & Jig Grind into DRT’s operations.


DRT has continued developments for Easy-Open End cost reduction while maintaining a high level of product performance for both the beer/beverage and food markets. These developments include new tabs, improved rivet systems and other product performance enhancements. DRT has tremendous capacity of modern machine tools and highly skilled workforce to meet the needs of the entire industry for high-precision end conversion and shell tooling.


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End Conversion Systems

DRT superior conversion press produces easy-open beverage and food ends. The machine incorporates a non-metallic, one-piece polyurethane/Kevlar transfer belt to eliminate production down time caused by belt failure.


The machine has up to 4-out capability and a capacity of up to 3000 epm.


DRT’s conversion press models are Vision Food, Vision Quad, Vision T, Vision I and Vision III


Easy-Open End Parts and Tooling

DRT is the largest supplier of easy-open end system parts and tooling in the world. DRT parts and tooling have high precision suitable for high speed, high volume end systems. With DRT real-time print revision control and engineering support, you can be assured to receive the best quality and latest revision parts for proper application and extended system life.

Conversion Press
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