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With 30 years’ experience in the field, ART International, is the only authorized distributor of Hayneswood OEM Anilox Systems and spare parts in the world. Hayneswood developed and introduced the Anilox System for use in metal packaging coating line in the early 1990's. Since then, over 500 Hayneswood systems have been installed over the last 20 years in six continents worldwide.


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Anilox Coating System

Hayneswood Anilox Coating System is a well-proven method of controlling film weight application and lacquer distribution on sheet fed coaters. The process employs a custom engraved roll with a lacquer chamber that replaces the conventional film metering rolls.


Anilox system provides higher quality product with savings due to less spoilage, lower maintenance, less downtime for cleanups, elimination of gearmarks, and improved operator safety. All this can amount to a very quick payback for a modest capital investment.


Successful conversions had been done on over a hundred coating machines worldwide including Wagner, Crabtree, LTG, Mailander, Ratcliff and more.


Hayneswood Parts

ART International Supplies original Hayneswood anilox rollers, couplings, scraper blades, end seals and other anilox parts.

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