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Sabatier S.A.S is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of complete production lines for industrial packaging. The company joined the Soudronic group in 1995.

Located in Vitrolles, near Marseilles in France, Sabatier offers a wide range of production systems for cylindrical, conical or irregularly shaped three-piece metal containers (cans, pails and drums). The company designs and produces stand-alone machines as well as custom-made turnkey systems.


Sabatier Products


The Bodypack machine is a compact, high efficiency canbody former for production of round cans such as pails. The Bodypack's modular construction allows several functions such as necking, spin-flanging or die-flanging, inside or outside curling, beading, bottom end seaming, top end seaming and expansion or shaping to be combined in a single machine with small footprint.



Squarepack bodyfomers for irregularly shaped cans are very compact, reliable and offer superior efficiency. The machine performs all the necessary expanding, paneling, flanging and seaming operations on square, rectangular, prismatic or oblong canbodies ranging from capacities of 0.2 to 20 liters. An air cleaning module can be added to the line.



Sabatier’s Bodyshapers expand canbody cylinders or cans into an exact, pre-defined shape (fancy cans, aerosol cans, corned beef cans, beer kegs and many more). The machine is available in linear or carousel version.



Handlepack machine attaches plastic handle to pails. The plastic handle offers easier automatic palletizing and easier labelling on filling lines with the horizontal position of the plastic bail.



Sabatier’s Bailypack system combines the manufacture and mounting of wire handles (bails) onto metal containers in a single machine. It positions the container correctly for the seam, welds the ears onto the container and finally forms the bail and inserts it into the ears.


Leak Tester

Sabatier’s leak testers are for pails and drums of all sizes. Packagings are tested by means of a vacuum or pressure application, any leak detected leads to automatic ejection of the faulty drum or irregular can.


Curlipack Curler-Liner

Sabatier has spent huge effort perfecting to curling and lining technologies for non-round ends to offer can makers an unequalled product. The Curlipack curler-liner uses die-curling technology to obtain geometrically consistent curled shells with full curl. The nozzle lining provides optimal peripheral placement of compound at maximum output 200 epm/lane which matches the press speed.


Curler - Blueliner

Curler – Blueliner for irregular ends from Sabatier combines curling and robot lining technology. It provides performance with flexibility. The machine is available in single or multi-lane versions dispending on end sizes.

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