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Ocsam Cepak is a leading supplier of high-quality slitters and blank stack transfer systems from Calerno (RE), Italy. Their outstanding features include ease of use and changeover as well as sturdy and reliable design.


Their product range covering from low through medium to high-speed production. Ocsam Cepak slitters and transfer systems are often an integral part of Soudronic’s 3-piece can production lines.




In a typical canbody production line, the slitter is the first stage in the manufacturing process. It cuts printed and lacquered metal sheets into body blanks of the required size. Ocsam Cepak’s slitters are robust, facilitate simple, swift adjustment to different blank formats and ensure exceptionally high precision. There are guillotine and rotary cutters suitable for your application.


Blank Transfer System

Ocsam Cepak’s blank transfer systems feed the blank magazine of the canbody welder with cut blanks from the slitter with substantial reserve capacity for non-stop production.

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