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MOCON is the world leader in gas analysis and measurement from USA. They pioneered the development of gas measurement instruments for over 50 years. Their products are well recognized worldwide as the basis for permeability testing standards such as ASTM D3985 and ASTM F1249. MOCON Permeation Analyzers are used to test the gas permeability of packaging films and whole finished packages. MOCON Oxygen and Water Vapor Permeation Analyzers offer the highest repeatability and lowest limits of detection for OTR and WVTR measurements providing superior quality control for your film products.


Oxygen Permeation Analyzers

MOCON’s Oxygen Permeation Testing Analyzers (OTR) measure oxygen permeability in flexible films and finished packages from low to very high-level barriers. They are the basis for many global permeability testing standards such as ASTM D3985. Mocon offers a wide range of models suitable for almost any Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR).


Popular models:   

Mocon Products

Water Vapor Permeation Analyzers

MOCON’s Water Vapor Transmission Rate (WVTR) Analyzers measure water / moisture vapor permeability through numerous film types, coated paper and synthetic substrates in multiple industries, from low to high barriers. Their most popular series, PERMATRAN-W 3/34, is easy to use and offers the shortest test time available in the market. It uses the MOCON’s patented long life modulated IR sensor which is the basis for the ASTM standard F1249.


CO2TR Permeation Analyzers

MOCON’s Carbon Dioxide Transmission Rate (CO2TR) Permeation Analyzer measures the CO2 permeability through barrier films and packages. Mocon’s popular model PERMATRAN-C 4/30 utilizes a unique Modulated Infrared sensor which complies with ASTM F2476. The permeation results can be obtained in hours instead of days when compared to other method.



Optech - O2 Model P is a simple and effective tool to measure oxygen inside a closed package or container. The OpTech gives the user the ability to measure the oxygen in a non-invasive manner (require no gas extraction) through a transparent barrier – making it perfect for shelf-life determination of oxygen sensitive products.

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