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Jungmichel Industrielektronik GmbH has been established since 1977 in Germany. The company specializes in design, production and selling electronic sensors and controllers mainly for the can making, canning and metal sheet working industry. Jungmichel products have been proven worldwide in all 5 continents by many canmakers / canners as well as well-known OEMs that produce machinery for this industry.


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Double Sheet Detectors / Sensors

For metal packing industry and other thin sheet work process

Double Sheet Detectors are for monitoring the automatic sheet destacker/ sheet feeder on sheet working machines to ensure that only one sheet is fed into the machine. Jungmichel has multiple models for different sheet materials, sheet thicknesses and industries such as can makers and other thin sheet workers, Sheet working and processing machines, and PCB (Printed Circuits Boards) manufacturers.


The double sheet sensors/detectors have a signal output which can be used to shake off the double sheets, stop the sheet feed process or to eject double sheets, and /or to sound an audible alarm.


Special Sensor

Jungmichel also supplies special sensors tailor to a specific problem such as a sensor to detect the impact of welded joints of same or different materials, a sensor to check electrical contact parts and a sensor to identify material type.

Jungmichel Product
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