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Located in Lage, Germany, sellacan Industrieofen GmbH, was founded in 1996. The company has a long history in designing and manufacturing furnaces for industrial purposes. Their product includes Common Heat Treatment (tempering and hardening furnaces), Brazing (batch type brazing furnace, semi-continuous and continuous lines) and Drying Ovens for metal packaging industry. Their machines are completely manufactured in Lage, Germany.  


sellacan also manufactures high speed Repair Coating Lacquer Spray Machine for easy open ends, drying ovens for repair lacquer and lining compound curing in metal packaging industry.


They continuously improve their products to satisfy customer’s requirements. Skilled engineers, designers, metal workers and electricians transform specifications into a complete processing system. Factory-trained personnel is available to install, provide field supervision and/or field service work.



Repair Coating System

After easy open ends are produced from conversion system, the ends require lacquer spray on the score to prevent rust. sellacan supplies high speed spray repair coating system which can handle speed up to 600 ends per minute. The lacquer is sprayed onto rotating ends with electro-mechanical spraying gun. The machine is built of steel profiles and welded steel plates. It is equipped with all guards and maintenance doors.


Vertical Conveyor Pocket Oven

Vertical conveyor pocket oven is suitable for compound drying 80° - 100° C for round ends, Club, Dingley and Hansa ends with speed up to 500 epm/lane for 3 minutes drying time. It is also used for repair lacquer curing of up to 600 round ends per minute at 150°C. The ovens are supplied as single-lane or double-lane. The pocket ovens ensure end separation during drying and transport.


Mesh Belt Drying Oven

Mesh belt oven is suitable for caps and closures with PVC-/PE-Compound. Standard construction line has processing speed up to 1500 caps per minute. With homogeneous and uniformly air circulation, sellacan’s mesh belt drying oven is condensation free for belt width of 1500 mm. The oven can have one, two, three or more individual heating zones.


Horizontal Conveyor Oven

Horizontal Conveyor Oven uses Omega or Sinus-oidal conveyor system (chain for upright standing ends). It can handle speed up to 1600 ends/min per lane in 3 minutes drying time. The sealing compound must have higher than 50% solid. sellacan guarantees remaining residual moisture of 3 – 5% after oven exit. The ovens are supplied as single-lane or double-lane execution.

Spray Repair
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