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Maiko Engineering GmbH is a developer and producer of high precision tools in the metal packing industry and is located in Braunschweig/Germany. With 60 employees and a worldwide network of agencies, Maiko offers complete solutions including service to the customers for 40 years now. Development and production of dies and spare parts for round and non-round ends and deep-drawn cans as well as for seaming machines. Furthermore, Maiko offers special machines based on customer’s requirements and spare parts for KARGES-HAMMER machinery.



Tools and Dies

With know-how and highly skilled engineers, Maiko manufactures multiple types of dies and tools. Examples are non-round 2-piece cans and ends such as Hansa, Dingley and ¼ Club, dies for twist-off caps, tools for opening tabs and tooling spare parts.


Can Seaming Machine

With original drawings and know-how, Maiko supplies complete spare parts for seaming machines from the IMPRESS-Group.

For more information, please contact us.
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