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Cantec is part of Soudronic Group since 2006. The company was founded in 1959, as part of Krupp Maschinenfabriken in Essen, Germany.


Cantec specializes in can forming combination machines and high-speed end making systems. They focus on high-performance systems for 3 pc cans, sanitary ends, EO shells and twisted-off caps. The company also supplies complete can making and end making lines, including process know-how and services.


Today, Cantec has worldwide sales of several thousand machines and more than 600 of the CAN-O-MAT, a high-performance system for the production of three-piece cans that combines all processes from welded body to finished can in a single machine. Parallel to these systems, Cantec has developed the END-O-MAT, a production line for tops, rings and bottoms for end making, basic shells for easy-open ends and caps for jars. The system’s strongest points are its outstanding performance, high profitability, process reliability and modular concept.



CAN-O-MAT Combination Machine

The CAN-O-MAT Combination Machine from Cantec is a proven machine suitable for multiple applications, parting, shaping, necking, flanging, beading and seaming. With fast, simple retooling, it combines extremely high productivity with top product quality, while offering high safety levels and effective protection for operators.


END-O-MAT System

The END-O-MAT is a multi-die production line for lids, EO shells, rings, bottom ends and twisted-off caps. With tonnage selection from 50 tons to 150 tons, the END-O-MAT can run up to 20 dies at 240 strokes per minute (spm), depending on press size and product diameter. The machine’s infeed can be sheet-feed or coil-feed.



Stamped ends with an initial curl are processed in a disc curler for round steel or aluminum ends. Cantec’s curler features a large diameter fixed curling segment and a rotating curling disc which allow ultra-thin end material (DR) to be curled accurately at high speed up to 2000 ends per minute.



Cantec’s high-speed rotary liner is suitable for all types of compound applications. It can handle production speed from 600 epm to 2000 epm with 4, 6 or 8 spindles, diameter range between 48 mm (113) and 153 mm (603).


CAP-O-MAT Cap Former

CAP-O-MAT is a multi-functional machine for production of lug caps. The machine can be equipped with rail pre-curling technology or die pre-curling technology, die curling and die lugging. Production speed is from 400 up to 1200 caps/min with 4 or 8 spindles.

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